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Ask Aggie: Feminism and the Modern Woman

Agnessa Kasumyan, Managing Editor
March 5, 2014

When my male friend casually dismissed feminism as an ideal only “ugly” and insecure girls buy into, I was disturbed at the ignorance of the statement yet not entirely surprised. What I found particularly disheartening, however, was the fact that many of my female friends viewed feminism in a negative... Read more »

Attention Slobs: Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here

Sal Polcino, Editor-in-Chief
October 30, 2013

Okay I admit it. I’m still a smoker. One of the last hold-outs, but the campus ban on smoking hasn’t affected me much. Walking out to the sidewalk to feed my disgusting habit doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I never felt right about smoking in public anyway. I don’t smoke indoors or in my car.... Read more »

Undressing for Halloween

Agnessa, Managing Editor
October 30, 2013

There is nothing like the anticipation of dressing up on Halloween to scare friends and family with Justin Bieber masks or Pennywise (IT) the Clown costumes. At the end of the day, we all know that the scares are all in good fun and our characters fictional; however, in recent years, the spookiest of... Read more »

iOS 7 Irritates iPhone Users with Buggy Performance

Alexandra Duncan, Staff Writer
October 17, 2013

The latest iPhone operating system has Apple customers going bananas. This bubbly, bright and colorful update, iOS 7, has left users confused, annoyed and even angry. While some are fearful of updating their phones from the current system, others are impartial to it. The minimalist icons and thin, simplistic... Read more »

The Hungry Student’s Dilemma

May 29, 2013

“Considering the food choices found on and near the campus —the cafeteria’s oh so healthy morning options of bland potatoes and eggs, or McDonald’s, well, McDonald’s anything really —there are no options. What then does the humble, shaking, midterm-terrorized student do?” View... Read more »

Editorial: Sweet Sugary Escape May Come at a New Cost


Kelsey Anderson, Staff Writer
May 15, 2013

When we hear of new ideas to lose weight, taxing sodas and other sugary drinks isn’t the first idea to come to mind. In an effort to raise funds for the fight against childhood obesity, lawmakers have proposed a bill that requires a penny-per-ounce levy on sodas, sports and energy drinks, and sweet... Read more »

Professional Players Need Profound Privacy

Marlon Miranda, Staff Writer
May 15, 2013

Jason Collins became the Lebron James of gay rights last month when he became the first active NBA player to announce he is gay. His announcement turned the NBA universe upside down. Most current and former players supported him and praised his courage. Tim Hardaway told Collins by phone that “I’m... Read more »

Not Every Discarded Box Is a Bomb

Sal Polcino, Staff Writer
May 15, 2013

Not long ago a discarded hatbox found at a campus parking lot most likely would have been kicked aside or ignored. Maybe a good citizen would have picked it up and chucked it in the nearest trash receptacle. Today, it sets off warning bells and a chain of events that is mostly over-kill.   Now a... Read more »

In response to a previous letter: “Armenians Have Achieved Some, Not All, Goals”


Aroutin Hartounian, President of Unified Young Armenians
May 13, 2013

My name is Aroutin Hartounian, and I am the president of the Unified Young Armenians (UYA), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit youth organization based in City of Glendale which for over a decade has tirelessly worked for the promotion of human rights, including but not limited to bringing forth the issue of the... Read more »

Editorial: GCC Needs a Stable President


May 2, 2013

GCC needs to look for a president/superintendent who is accessible, responsive, stable and has a long-term plan for the college and the district. After John A. Davitt left as president/superintendent in 2006, after 21 years of service, GCC has yet been able to find a suitable stable replacement. The... Read more »

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