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The Wedge Serves Burritos Filled with Disappointment

Jennifer Rodman, Staff Writer
April 28, 2014

The latest addition to campus eateries, The Wedge, has replaced the old Milky Way Cafe, located just beneath the planetarium in the San Gabriel Plaza. The menu features burritos, burrito bowls, banana wedges and nachos and baked potatoes. They also recently started serving breakfast burritos as well. Although... Read more »

Exclusive Phanatix Preview: Double Slideshow Coverage


Richard Kontas, El Vaquero Production Manager
April 3, 2014

The GCC Dance Department presents “Phanatix” Friday at 8 p.m. in the Sierra Nevada building. The show is directed by Victor Robles and is one night only, admission is free. The production includes “Suicide Forest” choreographed by Alexis Cambon featuring South Korean dancer Churhyun... Read more »

Skateboarders Surf Cement Waves at Verdugo Park


Lucas Yepez, Staff Writer
April 3, 2014

It’s a typical day at Verdugo Park. A man exercises while walking his dog, friends are socializing and adults smile while watching their children have fun at the skatepark, but not all adults are there just to watch. While it may be tough for some to ride a skateboard at all, let alone doing so in... Read more »

Reporting Suspicious Behavior Could Help Prevent Stalking


Alexandria Diaz, Staff Writer
April 3, 2014

Stories of stalkers and killers are the stuff of horror movies, addictive crime shows, and those Lifetime movies mothers cannot seem to get enough of. Yet, when people are stalked in real-life it becomes all too eerie. Despite the invasion of privacy and viable threats victims face, stalking was not... Read more »

One Chance to Study Abroad

Tamara Hacopian, Staff Writer
April 3, 2014

Studying abroad may be the best way to step out of one’s bubble and discover a whole new world. It can give students the opportunity to venture forth and explore distant surroundings. It can also provide a life changing experiences that a classroom setting could never do, expanding their world view... Read more »

PDC Offers Specialized Training for Businesses


Nikki Nagrone, Staff Writer
April 3, 2014

Student success is one of Glendale Community College’s primary purposes. Whether success is defined as a degree, job placement, or financial gain — knowledge is necessary to get ahead. Sometimes that knowledge can come in the form of specialized work training. The Professional Development Center... Read more »

Professor Teaches During Violent Protests in Chile

Alexandra Duncan, Features Editor
April 3, 2014

Billowing clouds of tear gas encircled the school as Professor Deborah Robiglio continued her lecture despite the chaos of students boycotting for better education last year in Chile. Robiglio, a non-credit ESL professor at GCC shared her perspective as a teacher in Chile during her lecture “Teaching... Read more »

Former Baseball Player Campaigns for New Clubhouse

Jonathan Williams, Sports Editor
April 3, 2014

Stengel field needs saving. That’s what Bryan Longpre and his nonprofit foundation set out to accomplish across the street from the Glendale College campus. Signs read, “,” in bold green letters and are speckled across the La Crescenta Valley and the Glendale area. The goal of Longpre’s... Read more »

Two Students Create Innovative Bookselling Website

Alin Boughousi, Staff Writer
April 3, 2014

Because they were tired of seeing so many pesky, textbook ad flyers displayed around campus, two GCC students decided to do something about it. “I wanted a solution to high textbook prices,” said business major Alex Karibyan. Karibyan, 19, created a unique website with his partner, computer engineering... Read more »

Women Break Down Traditional Job Barriers


Julia Orr, Staff Writer
April 1, 2014

When the serial killers dubbed the “Hillside Stranglers” murdered two of her close friends, Lisa Rosales switched careers from being an elementary school teacher to a police officer. She now serves the Pasadena Police Department as a commander in the Strategic Services Division. Rosales was part... Read more »

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