‘The Raid 2:Berandal’ Is a Feast for Action Fans


Eric Bourse, Newsroom Manager
April 3, 2014

British director Gareth Evans’ 2011 Indonesian action film, “The Raid: Redemption,” was a spectacle that awed audiences worldwide with its nonstop bone crunching fights. This year, Evans surpasses his sophomore effort with the super-sized sequel, “The Raid 2: Berandal.” The film picks up two... Read more »

‘Paper Trail’ Brings Creative Art to Gallery

Lucas Yepez, Staff Writer
April 2, 2014

“Paper Trail,” an exhibition by artist Daniella Woolf, opened on March 15 at the GCC art gallery inside the main entrance to the library. A crowd gathered to admire the artwork while helping themselves to cookies, drinks, and other refreshments provided by the art department. Woolf herself was at... Read more »

Crowe Knocks it Out of the Ark


Alexandra Duncan, Features Editor
April 1, 2014

Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” showcases some very extreme alterations that bring to mind an apocalyptic action film rather than a story from the Bible. Aronofsky, award-winning director of “Black Swan” (2010) and “The Wrestler” (2008), took it upon himself to fill in the blanks of the story... Read more »

Non-Stop Hits Some Turbulence


Alexandra Duncan, Features Editor
March 19, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying Bristish Airways, flight 10. Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourselves for our featured movie, “Non-Stop,” with almost two full hours of a very paranoid Liam Neeson, some typical action movie one-liners and an illogical ending with a twist. “Non-Stop”... Read more »

Student Artists Learn Latest Techniques in Animation Classes


Anthony Huizar, Staff Writer
March 19, 2014

From movies like “The Simpsons,” to big-budget CGI films such as “Avatar,” animation is progressing and is used widely in many different arenas. Animation has many functions that people may not be aware of. Like visual models of the body or graphics that display blood-flow are used in the medical... Read more »

Winter Is Coming as ‘Game of Thrones’ Returns


Lucas Yepez, Staff Writer
March 19, 2014

It’s Sunday night. You rush to finish your homework and change the channel quickly. Your heart starts to beat rapidly as you hear epic violins playing in the background while you curl up with popcorn and a blanket. For television fans that can only mean one thing: a new season of “Game of Thrones”... Read more »

‘300’ Spin-off Should Have Risen Higher


Tamara Hacopian, Staff Writer
March 18, 2014

Director Noam Murro’s “300: Rise of an Empire” is a tenacious bloodbath along with visuals that are fruitful and vividly entertaining, but not very promising. Greek warriors show off their courage and gallantry in a fight for a glorified nation against Persian forces in this action-packed fantasy... Read more »

L.A. Writers Series: Writer Experiments with Social Media Format


Alexandra Duncan, Features Editor
March 18, 2014

He strode past the patiently waiting students, two cans of coconut water and a bag of kettle chips in one hand — a weathered, brown copy of his latest work safely cradled in the other. Stark white cracks in the worn brown cover — much like the short, white strands specked through his brown hair —... Read more »

Burritos Beneath the Stars at the Wedge

ManvelWedgeRuben Chong_online

Fidel Cantu, Staff Writer
March 6, 2014

Until recently, the aptly-named Milky Way Cafe sat beneath the planetarium dark and idle with its doors closed. Now hungry folks will have a new place to grab some a burrito or some potato wedges: The Wedge. After several attempts to keep the Milky Way open on campus, the college has decided to take... Read more »

Campus Couture


Jennifer Rodman and Kristine Dizon, Staff Writers
March 5, 2014

Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga—for those who do not know fashion, these are a few designers that Eric Nersisyan, GCC’s very own Mr. Fashionista, lists as his favorite. As a student of fashion merchandising, style is his language. He talks, walks, and breathes the stylish trends of the... Read more »

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